In the event that you find your Perforce connection notifies you of a change in the certificate, please be sure to establish the trust with p4 trust . Go to your Perforce > Instructions page in-app, copy the  Server address (P4PORT)  and run the following command:

p4 -p <Server address (P4PORT)>  - u <myusername> trust


p4 -p -u gshab trust
The fingerprint of the server of your P4PORT setting
'' ( is not known.
That fingerprint is 40:56:32:96:44:EA:33:8C:9A:85:31:EF:AC:05:B9:2F:E0:6C:74:32
Are you sure you want to establish trust (yes/no)? yes
Added trust for P4PORT '' (

P4V users: You'll be prompted to accept the new certificate by the warning box shown below. Select Connect and you will automatically accept the new certificate from the server. 

If you are using SSH, then you will need to run the command above to accept the new certificate.

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