To view your spaces, simply select Spaces from the toolbar at the top of the screen while at the Portfolio level.

From the Spaces screen, users can view all of the spaces associated with a Portfolio as well as their owner, tags, and next milestone. The spaces can be sorted either up or down by any of the headers by clicking on the headers or they can be filtered by tags using the dropdown menu above the spaces list.


Spaces can be categorized as Active, Archived, Template, or Proposed. To archive an Active space, simply select Archive Space from the Actions drop down menu. Conversely, to move an Archived space to an Active one, choose Activate from the drop down Actions menu. 

Template spaces can be added using the Add New Template button at the top right of the Templates screen. Templates can be used to create new spaces with predefined settings and content to start your projects even faster. Spaces created from a Template will inherit the Template’s Assembla Tools, milestones, custom ticket fields, custom ticket status names, custom ticket reports, files, wiki pages, and Build tool settings. 

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