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Using @mentions to get a user’s attention
Using @mentions to get a user’s attention
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Mentions is a convenient way to get someone's attention in tickets and ticket comments, code commits, messages, Wiki comments, Standup reports, and merge requests and merge request comments.  When a user is mentioned in Assembla, it will show up in their notifications at the top of the screen, and also in the Mentions section of their homepage. 

Use @mention to engage a team or a team member 

  1. To engage a team or team member type the @ symbol and the first few letters of team or team member username. 

  2.  From suggestions choose the contact you want to mention. 

Search for messages that mention you

If you receive a lot of mentions, you might want to filter the messages to see only those messages that mention you and need an immediate attention. 

  1. In mention's drop down, choose View all mentions

  2. Filter messages using subject, content, author or ticket number. 

However, sometimes team members (especially those that are not directly involved in development, such as project managers) do not often log into Assembla. In that case, they may not see their mentions very often. In that case, users should instead use bang! mentions. This is as easy as adding a “!” to the end of the team member’s username (@login_name!). Bang mentions more effectively grab your team members’ attention by also sending an email in addition to the notification within the Assembla web app.

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