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Detailed Commits View
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The Commits sub-tab of your repository will show a list of the most recent commits made to that repository. To view a commit in more detail, click on the commit and a screen similar to the one shown below will load.

On the detailed commit screen, users can see who made the commit, the time and date it was committed, a link to the parent commit, and the message submitted with the commit by the user.

Below, the users can expand their view of the affected files in order to view the diffs between the selected commit and the parent commit.

Finally, on the right side of the screen, users can vote the commit either up or down (users must submit a comment explaining a down vote if they decide to vote that way) and view tickets associated with the commit. If this does not fit into your team’s workflow, turning this feature off is simple. Just open the Settings sub-tab and select Disable Commits voting.

To add affected tickets or followers to a commit, click on either Add ticket or Add follower and search for the ticket or user in the text box that appears. If you would like to add yourself as a follower, you can also click on the gray star to the left of the commit number to quickly follow the commit, similar to the process for following tickets. Once you’ve followed the commit, the gray star will turn yellow. Users can also unfollow a commit in the same manner; the star will then turn from yellow to gray after clicking it.

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