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User Activity Audit Reports
User Activity Audit Reports
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To view a user’s activity report, open the Team menu, and then click on the (Report) link to the right of the desired user’s name.

At the top of the user activity report page, the user’s name, email, and their last login is displayed above the selections for the tool whose activity is shown, and the period of time this activity is shown for. 

Below those selections is the Summary of the user’s activity. The summary displays the time worked, tickets created, participated in, and fixed, commits made, merge requests created, merged, and participated in, files uploaded, messages posted, and wikis edited.

Below the summary, are two charts which show the user’s Activity Time and Events by Type. The Activity Time chart shows the user’s number of events for a number of time blocks on a 24 hour clock. The time zone can be chosen via the drop down menu at the top right of the chart. 

On the other hand, the Events by Type chart shows the user’s events in the selected time period categorized by the type of event. The example chart below shows tickets, ticket comments, git pushes, merge requests, changesets, and code reviews.

Further down the screen, this page displays Assigned Tickets, StandUp reports, Time Entries, and Stream events for the selected user and tool in the selected time period. 

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