Companies run on code, and code is born in version control. We built this app to give developers and managers a new way to collaborate on projects on the go. We live and work in a connected, mobile world. Your projects need to keep moving forward no matter where you and your teammates are. 


After logging into your Assembla account, you'll be asked to choose which project (Space) you would like to view.

Then, you'll be asked which repository within that Space you would like to view.

Finally, you can navigate through your repository's directories and files to find your desired destination.

Viewing Files

After opening a file, you can view its contents in the Source tab.

From this tab you can also lock or unlock the files in an SVN repo by clicking on the padlock icon at the bottom of the screen and then selecting Lock or Unlock.

If your file is locked, a red padlock icon will appear at the top right of the screen, next to the Settings cogwheel icon.

From the History tab, you can view all of the revisions associated with that file.

And from the Compare tab, you can view the diff between any two versions shown in the History tab.

Code Search

If you have code search enabled on your account, then by simply typing your search terms into the bar at the screen, you can search an individual repo, a Space, or your entire account for files and code snippets.

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