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Customizing Ticket Statuses & Workflows (Cardwall Columns)
Customizing Ticket Statuses & Workflows (Cardwall Columns)
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The Status and Workflow section of the Tickets settings allows users to create custom workflows for your organization. Additional status workflows will be displayed on the Cardwall view so you can visually see the status of all work in progress. 

When you visit the Status and Workflow section of a brand new workspace, you will see your settings:

The values in the Name column are the ticket status names. You may add the new statuses, or rename, delete and rearrange the existing ones. To rearrange the statuses, just drag and drop them up or down as needed. The order of the statuses as they appear on this page is the order they will appear in the status drop-down on tickets, and the order of the columns on your Cardwall view.

There are 2 types of Statuses: Open and Closed. An Open status represents the active ticket state, while Closed stands for a completed or invalidated ticket.

The first status listed on your Status and Workflow list will be the default status set when creating a new ticket. 

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