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Migrating Git Repositories to Assembla
Migrating Git Repositories to Assembla
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Assembla Git makes it easy for your entire software team to collaborate on code development and changes with built-in features like auditing, permission management, and code reviews. Importing a Git repository directly to Assembla is so simple it can be accomplished in just three easy steps!

Step 1: Create Empty Git Repository in Assembla

Step 2: Clone Current Repository

In your command line, enter the following command to create a mirror clone. This is not a working copy, but will include all of the non-branch refs required to replicate your current repo.

$ git clone --mirror <current_clone_url>

Step 3: Push Mirror Clone to Assembla Repository

Once you've cloned your repo, then use the clone URL (which can be found in your Assembla account) as well as the following command to push your mirror to its new home in Assembla.

$ git push --mirror <assembla_clone_url>

For Users with the New UI

Adding a Repository to Your Space

When creating a new Space, you can create the Space with a repository by checking the Create with repository box on the first step.

Alternatively, if you would like to create a repository in an existing Space, click on the green (+) button and select New Repository. The wizard will ask you to select the Space you would like to create your repository in, as well as what you would like to name your repository and what type of repository it is.

If you would like to import an existing repository from an external location, select Import repository and enter your repository's URL and, if necessary, access credentials.

Adding a Bitbucket Repository to your Space

To import a private Bitbucket repository that requires authentication credentials, use your Bitbucket username as normal. For the password, you should generate an App password by opening your Settings, navigating to the App passwords page using the left sidebar, and clicking the Create app password button on the page. We suggest labeling the password Assembla to remind you where the password is used. This app password should then be used in the Password field of the Assembla repo importer tool.

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