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Adding Unversioned Files to your SVN Repository
Adding Unversioned Files to your SVN Repository
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Checking out your SVN Repository

1. In the Source sub-tab of the SVN tab you can find the URL for the SVN repository to checkout.

Note: if you are having issues with a caret (^) in your URL, replace each caret with "%5E"

2. Download an SVN client (for Windows we recommend TortoiseSVN, for Mac we recommend Cornerstone or simply using the command line)

3. Check out your Assembla repository & add unversioned code directories/files using the guide developed for your OS below:


We recommend using TortoiseSVN as a Subversion client for Windows.

Precondition: Make sure you have an Assembla password. If you signed up with your Google or Yahoo account, you might need to create an assembla password. To set one, just go to your profile page and create a password.

Step 1: Create a folder in your local file system. Right click inside the folder where you want to checkout the repository and select "SVN Checkout..." from the pop-up menu.

Step 2: In the new pop-up window, enter the URL for your Assembla-hosted SVN repository and click OK. The URL can be copied from the SVN repository Source tab on Assembla.

Step 3: When prompted, enter your Assembla username and password and hit Enter to checkout the repository.


You can use the steps below to checkout and commit changes to your repo on Mac & Linux systems:

Step 1: Create a local folder 

$ mkdir My_SVN

Step 2: Go to your folder

$ cd My_SVN

Step 3: Checkout the repository.

$ svn co --username assembla_username --password assembla_password

Step 4: A new folder has been created inside your SVN folder, that's your repo. Go to trunk

$ cd your_space/trunk

Step 5: Add or make changes to the repo

$ nano xyz.txt

Step 6: Add the local file to your changes

$ svn add xyz.txt

If you see this error "W150002" run --force at the end:

$ svn add xyz.txt --force

Step 7: Go back to root

$ cd ..

Step 8: Commit the changes to your repo

$ svn commit -m "Commit Message"

Step 9: Update your repo

$ svn update

Adding Unversioned Files

If you currently organize your project files in an unversioned directory structure, then they must be added to your Assembla SVN repo before you can start committing your changes to those files. 

For Windows:

If you're using TortoiseSVN as your client, simply drag the files into your repository structure (whether it's empty or not), Then right-click and select TortoiseSVN and Add to convert your file into a versioned file as a part of your SVN repository.

For Macs:

If you are using a command line client on your Mac, simply drag the files (and directories, if applicable) into your repository structure (whether it's empty or not) and then use the "svn add" command to convert your file or directory into a versioned file as a part of your SVN repository.

$ svn add <path_to_file>

Then, simply commit the changes to your repository as usual. 

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