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Cornerstone Release Notes
Cornerstone 3.1 Release Notes
Cornerstone 3.1 Release Notes
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3.x users: Please download and install 3.1 from either here or here.

3.x users: Perform a fresh install and replace the previous version on your computer.
All of your repos and application data will remain intact. Do not uninstall or delete your current install. Simply install the new version and replace your 3.x version in the Applications folder of your Mac.

The upgrade/install mechanism from the application will cause an extract error when running an upgrade, so please download and install from

3.1 is a free upgrade for current 3.x users that fixes issues uncovered since the release of 3.0.3 and introduces a few new features as well as an annual subscription licensing model. Users of 2.x or older must pay to upgrade to 3.1.

3.1 runs on OS X 10.11 and later.


  • Subversion 1.9 - Cornerstone will now support all versions of Subversion above 1.7

  • Annual Licensing - With an annual license, all future upgrades will be included at no extra cost.

  • Repair Files - This feature solves the problem of users renaming files without deleting the old version of that file from the repository. In that case, once the file is added to the repo with the new name, the old, broken, version of the file will linger in the repo until someone manually deletes it. However, with Repair Files, Cornerstone will do the work of deleting old file versions with you to automatically maintain the health of your repos. 

Ex: Cornerstone detects an issue arising from a renamed file.

Ex: Cornerstone automatically adds the new file name to the repository and deletes the old file name from the repository.

  • Bug fixes and stability improvements

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