Setting Up Amazon S3 Backups
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To access your Amazon S3 Backup settings, first open your Assembla space Admin page, and then click on Backup and Data Export

Click on the Enable checkbox and then enter your Access key and Secret key to finish setting up your Amazon S3 backups.

Note: If backups don't work for you, make sure that your plan includes them. Not every plan will have access to Amazon S3 Backups.

Note: Backups to Amazon S3 will not include data from Perforce depots.

You can choose a bucket to save your backups to by entering that in the Bucket textbox. If you leave that box blank, a bucket will be generated for your Assembla backups.

Finally, checking the Enable backup cleanup box will automatically delete old backup files (the age will be determined by your input into the accompanying textbox) on a weekly basis.

To create an access key for your AWS account root user

1. Use your AWS account email address and password to sign in to the AWS Management Console as the AWS account root user.

Note: If you previously signed in to the console with IAM user credentials, your browser might remember this preference and open your account-specific sign-in page. You cannot use the IAM user sign-in page to sign in with your AWS account root user credentials. If you see the IAM user sign-in page, choose Sign-in using root user credentials near the bottom of the page to return to the main sign-in page. From there, you can type your AWS account email address and password.

2. On the IAM Dashboard page, choose your account name in the navigation bar, and then choose My Security Credentials.
3. If you see a warning about accessing the security credentials for your AWS account, choose Continue to Security Credentials.
4. Expand the Access keys (access key ID and secret access key) section.
5. Choose Create New Access Key.
6. Then choose Download Key File to save the access key ID and secret access key to a file on your computer. After you close the dialog box, you can't retrieve this secret access key again.

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