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Cornerstone 4.0 Release Notes
Cornerstone 4.0 Release Notes
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Cornerstone 4.0 is now available! 

4.0 is a major release recommended for all users. 

To upgrade to Cornerstone 4.0, you must have a valid annual subscription purchased through Assembla after January 15, 2018 at

With a valid annual subscription, all future updates to Cornerstone can be downloaded for no additional charge.

4.0 runs on OS X 10.11 and later.

New Features

  • Shelving - Allows users to temporarily “shelve" (set aside) in-process changes and revert back to the working tree—to quickly fix a bug on production, for example. Once done, users can simply retrieve their shelved changes and continue where they left off.

  • Checkpointing - Allows users to create a “snapshot” or copy of their repository at a specific point in time. If users experience a critical issue down the road, they can restore their project back to any checkpoint that they previously created. It’s essentially an undo button for major problems.

  • Performance Improvements - Numerous code optimizations speed up overall application performance, especially when updating and checking out code from the central repository to Cornerstone.

  • Subversion 1.10 - Cornerstone will now support working copy formats from all versions of Subversion above 1.7

  • Set Environment Variables With SSH Tunnels - A new SendEnv field allows users to set any environment variable using the form <variable>=<value>.

  • Integration with Assembla SVN+SSH - Cornerstone is now compatible with Assembla SVN repositories through SSH connections

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