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Setting Environment Variables with Cornerstone
Setting Environment Variables with Cornerstone
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This feature allows users to set an environment variable when using SSH Tunnels (which should then be passed to the server as a SendEnv option)

Using the SVN Server Tab

When using the SVN Server tab, a new SendEnv field allows the user to set any environment variable they like (in the form <variable>=<value>). In this case, the value does not necessarily have to be REPO_NAME, and provides the user the flexibility to connect to repositories that support other variables.

Using Assembla with the Cloud Service Tab

Remember that to use SSH with Assembla, you must generate an SSH key and update your SSH config. Check out our existing documentation to see how. This implements the “export REPO_NAME=demo_test” portion of that documentation. 

When using the Assembla Cloud Service tab, Cornerstone uses the values the user enters in the portfolio and repository fields and sets REPO_NAME=<portfolio>^<repository>. 

Some Notes to Remember:

  • Selecting the SSH protocol from the Assembla Cloud Service tab will disable the username/password fields as they aren't needed

  • If you check out a working copy from within the app, it should connect that working copy to the proper repository based on the REPO_NAME setting. 

  • Pasting an Assembla URL (or having one in your clipboard when you open the window) will automatically take you to the Assembla Cloud service tab.

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