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How to Add Non-Perforce users to a Perforce Plan
How to Add Non-Perforce users to a Perforce Plan
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Assembla now offers the option to add users to a Perforce account without access to Perforce, and billed at the Enterprise Cloud pricing. This gives cross-functional teams the ability to use in whatever code repository technology makes sense for the project at-hand (Perforce, Git, or SVN) while giving Project Management and Business teams the ability to collaborate within Assembla Tickets without paying for an unnecessary Perforce license.

What Permissions Do Non-Perforce Users Have?

These Non-Perforce users will have access to every part of Assembla, except for Perforce repositories. This means that they will be unable to view Perforce repositories at all and will also be unable to manage permissions for those Perforce repositories, even if they are given “Owner” access. 

Keep in mind that non-Perforce users are tracked and billed completely separately from regular Perforce users. So, if you currently have 10 Perforce users and 0 non-Perforce users in your account and you wish to invite a non-Perforce member to your space, you will first need to go to your Account page and upgrade your account to include non-Perforce users.

Additionally, non-Perforce users should not be used to manage Perforce permissions and access. Permissions should still be managed as usual. If a user is a Perforce user in one space, then they should be a Perforce user in all of the spaces they are a part of, and vice versa. This feature is strictly to make billing easier and allow accounts to have project managers or SVN or Git developers billed at a lower rate than Perforce users but still be able to share an account.

How Do I Add Non-Perforce Users to my Account?

Adding non-Perforce users to your account works exactly the same as adding Perforce users to your account. First, open your Account page (if you are a Payer) and select Upgrade plan.

Then, you can either add Perforce users with the Number of users dropdown or add non-Perforce users with the Number of non-Perforce users dropdown.

The billing section will now include a line for both the Non-Perforce price per user as well as the number of Non-Perforce users allowed by your plan.

How Do I Invite Non-Perforce Users to a Space?

Inviting non-Perforce users to a Space follows the same process as inviting standard Perforce users to a space. 

First, open the Team tool in the Space you wish to invite the user. Then, you can invite them by entering either their login, name, or e-mail address into the search bar. There is a new checkbox now to Allow access to Perforce depots. If you wish your new user to be a non-Perforce user, just uncheck the box and then click INVITE.

How do I tell if a user has P4 privileges?

In the Team tool, you can view which of your users are Perforce users and which are non-Perforce users by looking at the P4 column on the users list. If that user is listed as a Perforce user, then they will have a green checkmark in the column and if that user is listed as a non-Perforce user, then they will have nothing in that space. 

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