The TestRail integration allows users to attach test runs from TestRail to an Assembla ticket and view the current status of test cases for each run.

Set Up the Integration

First, your TestRail account must be connected to your Assembla account in order to enable the integration.


First, your account administrator must enable APIs for your TestRail site by opening the Administration settings page, clicking Site Settings from the sidebar on the right, opening the API tab and checking the Enable API checkbox. Don’t forget to select Save Settings before leaving this page.

Then, you’ll need to generate an API key to authenticate with Assembla.  Click on your name at the top of the screen, open My Settings, and click on the API Keys tab.

Generate an API key by clicking Add Key - make sure to make a note of your API key, because TestRail will only show you your key once. Then, make sure you Save API Key and also Save Settings before leaving this screen. 


To enable the TestRail integration in Assembla, open the Integrations page from the tile menu at the top of the screen.

Select Enable to the right of the TestRail integration. Then, select Settings and enter your account data to authenticate. You’ll need your TestRail URL, Login, API Key, and TestRail Project ID.

View in Tickets

  • You can search test run by id or list all ( set date range as option) and assign the test run to the ticket
  • And for all related test runs you can show the test with current status (edited)

Once the TestRail integration has been enabled, there will be a Test Rail tab on tickets in the spaces where the TestRail integration has been enabled. 

The Test Rail tab offers the ability to search Test Runs by ID and/or the dates they were created before and after.

Additionally, Test Runs can be attached to the ticket by selecting Relate.

Once a Test Run has been attached to an Assembla ticket, the related Test Cases can be viewed for each Test Run as well as the status of each Test Case. Clicking Refresh will ensure that the most current status for each Test Run is displayed. 

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