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Getting status code '413 RequestEntityTooLarge' when pushing packages
Getting status code '413 RequestEntityTooLarge' when pushing packages
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There are various reasons that can result in this exception being thrown. Usually, the response is enriched with more details about the cause of the exception.

Here are some possible reasons:

  • The package is too large according to your subscription quota. Please verify before asking support, as you can often simply resolve it by upgrading your subscription plan or adjusting retention policies on your feed to free up some space.

  • The total size of the packages that are pending upload (through the web UI) is too large.

  • The package is simply too large (as in Gb's of size) and our servers reject it.

  • Feed or subscription quota has been exceeded - your current subscription plan has reached its quota.

Note when pushing to a v2 NuGet feed, make sure you are targeting the api/v2/package endpoint. Also note that pushing to a pre-authenticated feed URL is not supported.

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