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Getting status code '409 Conflict' when pushing packages
Getting status code '409 Conflict' when pushing packages
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The 409 Conflict status code can be returned because of several reasons:

  • The package size is too large for the current subscription. E.g. the Free plan only supports packages <= 100 MB. Check the package size and your subscription plan quota. When the feed owner created a private feed and you are on a plan that has lower quota, MyGet will apply your subscription quota. For example, when you are on the Free plan and are pushing packages to a private feed created by someone on a Starter plan, packages can still only be <= 100 MB.

  • The feed is over quota for the current subscription. Check the feed quota and your subscription plan quota.

  • You enabled any of the following package settings for your feed. Verify the package settings for the feed you are pushing to.Forbid overwriting of existing packages? - this will forbid overwriting packages that already exist on your feed (same package id and version)Forbid packages which are non-compliant with Semantic Version? - this will forbid uploading packages that are not compliant with Semantic Versioning. E.g. a package version like will not be supported.

MyGet will return a detailed error when pushing packages with a full description of the issue. For some package managers, additional verbosity can be added (e.g. for NuGet use the -verbosity Detailed switch).

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