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New Device Sign-in Notification
New Device Sign-in Notification

What to expect when a new Assembla login is detected

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When you sign into Assembla from a new device you will be notified of the login by email. The email will include details of the device used to sign in to your Assembla account.

In the event that you did not sign-in and you receive this message, please change your password and drop the unrecognized session from your Recently Used Devices to ensure your account is secure.

Please note Assembla uses cookies to track your devices. When cookies are reset or cleared, or you are using a new browser, new device, or new IP address, it will trigger an automatic email responding to your new session.

Turning off Notifications

If you wish to no longer receive these emails, you can opt to turn off the notifications. In order to stop receiving these notification emails, simply go to your Profile->Email Notifications Settings-> Global.user -> and deselect the box marked "Notify me about new device logins".

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