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How to Import a Private Git Repo from Github
How to Import a Private Git Repo from Github

A guide for the error "Can't connect to URL" when importing a private repo from Github

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To import a private Github repository into Assembla you will first need to create a personal access token in Github.

In order to accomplish this you will first need to make sure your email is verified in Github.

After that you can proceed to your settings in Github. You will need to alter the Developer Settings found at or near the bottom of the settings list in Github.

Then you will need to navigate to your Personal Access Tokens, found at the bottom of the Developer Settings list, and generate a new token.

When generating your access token, make sure you give your token access to your repos by checking the first scope box labeled "repo":

You will then have an token that looks similar to this:

After this token is generated you will be able to use this key in Assembla. First create a new repo in Assembla:

And follow the link to import a repository into Assembla:

And fill out the following form by entering in your Personal Access Token into the password field:

You will then be able to proceed as expected to your imported Github repo on Assembla.

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