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How to utilize branching and merging on your P4 depot
How to utilize branching and merging on your P4 depot

How to merge two branches created in Perforce using Assembla

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We at Assembla know that a crucial step in development is the ability to compare changes and review code as a team. Perforce makes this easy with multiple streams to branch the code you are working on, allowing you to easily compare and merge your branches into your main code.

To create a new stream in P4V access your File menu and expand the New menu. From here select  “Stream”, which will open a new dialog box containing options for customization. 

You simply need to label your desired stream name, this will be identified as a branch in the Assembla interface, and select your Parent Stream.

After clicking OK, you will now have a branched depot on your new stream. You can add and make changes to your files in your new workspace folder in Perforce.

Now that you have some very good code written on your new stream, it's time to review your changes with your team and request to merge your stream with your main stream. In assembla create a new merge request.

And review your changes with your team.

When you're ready to go it's as simple as pressing the green Merge button and your merge will be completed! Now that was easy! 

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