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Space Prefix

Use space prefix to easy link, mention, relate tickets from other spaces.

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About space prefix

Each Assembla space has a unique name and prefix. The space prefix unique code identifies the space and becomes the first part of ticket numbers, for example, BR-1, BR2. We automatically generate a prefix on space creation, but you can edit it manually, and it appears together with the ticket ID.

You can use space prefix to:

  • Add links to tickets in other spaces by using #PREFIX-TICKET_ID markdown. For example to add a link to ticket '#4' from 'My Awesome Project' (MAP) simply type #MAP-4 in the comment or description content.

  • Create relations between tickets in the different spaces by searching by prefix name.


Project prefix can also be used in API calls, so you do not need to pass the space-name parameter if using a ticket ID with a prefix. Read more in the API Documentation.

Hide Space Prefix

You can hide the space prefix functionality if you want. Just navigate to your Portfolio Admin Settings > Toggle Tabs and Features Visibility section, and simply un-check: 'Space prefixes: if enabled, an unique space prefix will be shown in ticket views' option.

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