This feature allows moving (or copying) any amount of tickets from one space to another.

Before you start:

  • You must have “Delete” permissions in space that has tickets you want to move.
    ( If not, only copy option is available )

  • You must have “Edit” permissions in space that you want to move tickets to.

Please contact space "Owner" or portfolio "Manager" if you do not have either of these permissions.

Moving tickets

The "Move Tickets" wizard allows you to select Assembla space to move your selected tickets to. As the configuration of different spaces may vary, the Move Tickets wizard allows also to change or set all needed parameters of the tickets. These include:

  • Ticket Status - if you need, you can select what status moved tickets should get in the target space.

  • Ticket Plan Level - you can select what 'Plan Level' moved tickets should get in the target space, or you can keep the plan level from the original tickets.

  • Default Fields - you can select what of the default fields you want to move with the ticket.

  • Custom Fields - you can select what of the custom fields you want to move with the ticket. You will be prompted to map fields from the source & target ticket.
    In the case of list type fields wizard is going to create new list values in the target space if necessary

  • Ticket Tags - if selected new tags are going to be created in the target space, if can not be matched to existing ones.

To move tickets

You can initiate move tickets flow in two ways:

  1. Open the ticket you want to move and select "Move/Copy ticket" from the top left "More" drop-down.

  2. Open the "Tickets List" page, and mark tickets you want to move, and select "Move/Copy selected ticket" form "Bulk changes" menu.

When selected you will be presented with the first page of the Move Tickets wizard.

  1. Select the space you want to move tickets to.

  2. Select other options if needed and complete the steps required.

  3. If the target space contains any required fields you are going to be prompted to manually set values for these fields in case if source ticket will provide no value.

  4. The confirmation page will display all your changes as well as list of affected tickets, you can go back to previous steps to change any of the settings you did, or click the "Confirm & move tickets" button to complete the process.

  5. Your tickets will be moved to the target space you will get in-app notification when the process is completed.

Mapping custom fields

If tickets contain custom fields you will be presented with Step 2 of the wizard where you can map what custom field from source ticket import as what custom filed in the target space.

During this step, you can also create new custom fields in target space for any of the source custom fields if needed.

Including related child tickets

Move tickets functionality allows you to move tickets with all the children's tickets. For example, if you want to move an "Epic" ticket with all its stories and sub-tasks, you need to select just this one ticket and select "Move all child tickets and keep the structure" option.

Copy instead of moving

You can also keep the original tickets and simply copy to the target space by selecting "Copy instead of moving – do not delete original tickets" option.

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