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Viewing your Assembla Repository build status using Travis-CI integration
Viewing your Assembla Repository build status using Travis-CI integration
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Users who have Assembla and Travis-CI in their environments can take advantage of features that communicate between the two products, such as viewing the status of your builds.

The Build Status page, available via the Repository Pages within an Assembla Space, provides you with the current status of all Assembla Repository builds kicked off using Travis-CI. With just a simple PASSED or FAILED status, you can quickly glance at all of your builds to get an overview of areas that may need attention. For each build, you also can view the build name, branch, user account that triggered the build, and a timestamp for when the build completes or for the duration if a build is incomplete.

Note: Because this feature is hidden by default, an Assembla Admin must enable the functionality through the feature flags. Simple click Integrations under your Space Tools, and then click Enable adjacent to Travis-CI.

The following error types may occur while trying to fetch build status:

  • If a general communications error occurs while Assembla is attempting to retrieve information from Travis-CI, please verify that the system has the correct configuration and any related authentication information.

  • If a repository mismatch error occurs because the system cannot find a matching repository, please verify the repository name.

  • If an authorization failure occurs because Travis-CI is not properly configured in Assembla, please follow the prompts to set up Travis-CI.

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