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Connect an External SVN Repo to Assembla
Connect an External SVN Repo to Assembla
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You can connect your Assembla space to an SVN repository outside of Assembla to relate your code commits to Assembla tickets via your commit comments.


  1. Add the External SVN tool to your space from the Admin > Tools page and configure it.

  2. Install a post-commit hook in your subversion repository (all the popular subversion repositories have this feature). This post-commit hook will inform our servers when a changeset has been committed and our servers will parse the comment and relate it to the Assembla ticket.

Connect to your external SVN repo

  1. Go to your External Subversion tab, you will find at the bottom two scripts we have created in Perl and Ruby.

  2. Download either of those scripts.

  3. Open it with a text editor and replace tool_id and secret_key with the values provided in that same tab.

  4. Install the post-commit hook in your subversion repository according to your software instructions

You can use the same commit comments in the External SVN tool that you can use in Assembla's repositories to link commits to Assembla Tickets:

Use "re #4" to link your commit to ticket number 4. "references", "refs" and "see" will add a comment to the target ticket. Use "closes #4" to close ticket 4. "closed", "close", "fix", "fixed", and "fixes" will also close a ticket. Use "test #4" to move a ticket to "ready for test" status. To enter a time record in the Time tool, use "Time: 2h15m"

If you have any questions or need assistance, please email us at

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