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General Settings for your SVN in Assembla
General Settings for your SVN in Assembla
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In this article you will learn how to change your repository title and add a custom name in your URL among other settings.

To access to this page, you must be an owner or a member with ALL permissions (learn more about roles and permissions). To get here, go to your Assembla SVN repository > Settings > General Settings.

1. Title:

The default tab name is "Source/SVN". You can add a new name to replace the SVN portion of the tab name for better identification of your repos. For example, if you input ClientName to the field, Tab name will be Source/ClientName.

2. Repo Name:

You are able to rename your svn repository so that it has a more intuitive name by going to your settings link on your SVN tab and changing the Repo Name.

If you update this field, you can rename your svn repository's secondary name.  I highly suggest you also update the Title field to the same value so that you can identify the svn repository in your space easily as well.

Note: This will not change your repo's URL. To change the URL of the repository, you'll need to follow these steps:

  1. Backup your repos

  2. Delete them from your space

  3. Edit your space URL name

  4. Import back your repos to your space

For more information on how to edit your space URL, check out Rename & Edit Space Names.

3. Trigger URL:

This feature calls a specific URL after each commit. Our server sends a request to the remote service specified in the URL. The result will depend on what a user sets this service to do under this specific URL. GET URL after each commit can be used to trigger a build for example.

4. Enable changing svn:log propery for existing revisions:

It will forbid changing any other property.

5. Enable Comments subtab:

Adds an additional subtab called "Comments" under the Source/SVN tool. Allows you to separately display comments that you add through Changesets. e.g.

6. Disable commit events (import mode):

If this is checked, stream will not be updated on commits. Ticket comments about new commits to the repository won't be created on referenced tickets.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please email us at

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