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StandUp Tool User Guide
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Assembla's StandUp tool is a great way to coordinate people across multiple time zones. The StandUp tool is a simple reporting form that the team members of a project can fill out to say what they are working on and whether they have any needs or obstacles to fulfill a task.

This tool lets team members to see what their peers are working on so they can coordinate their tasks. As a Manager, it will show you what everyone on your project is working on so you can guide each team member in prioritizing tasks. It also helps you determine your team's needs and the obstacles they face so that you can resolve issues effectively. Finally, StandUp reports can reduce time spent discussing progress in meetings - a good way to increase productivity.

How can I create my StandUp report?

Usually, in a scrum meeting, each person stands up and goes through three points in rapid fire:

  • What did I do? Now your management reporting is done

  • What am I going to do? Now your planning is done

  • What are my obstacles and what do I need help with? Discussion starts on this point.

If you don't see the Standup tool in the tabs menu, go Admin > Tools, then add the StandUp tool from the Management Tools section.

You can create your StandUp report by following the steps below:

  1. Open the StandUp tool of your project, then click the Add/Edit your report button, or if it's your first time opening the tool click the Create your first StandUp report button. This action will open a three-point report with 3 fields to enter.

  2. Enter what you did the previous day(s) in the 'What I did in the last day / week' section.

  3. Enter what you plan to do during the current day or week in the 'What I will do today / this week' section.

  4. Enter any issues that impede your work in the 'Do you have roadblocks?' section.

  5. Finally, click the 'Create Report' button.

Note: you can preview your entry before final submission by clicking on the Preview hyperlink. You can also cancel your submission by clicking the Cancel hyperlink. 

How can I edit my StandUp report?

You can edit your StandUp report only for the current day and not a previous date. To edit your StandUp report, simply click on the Add/Edit your report button and make the changes. 

I am the project manager of a team. How can I view the standup report of a team member?

Open the StandUp tool of your project and click on the username of the team member whose StandUp report you would like to view.

As a project manager of multiple projects, how can I generate a consolidated standup report on each day? 

This is possible with accounts that are subscribed to the Enterprise plan or any of our legacy Portfolio plans. You can generate a consolidated StandUp report via the Portfolio > Standup tab.

I'm planning to take vacation or a day off. How can I use the StandUp tool to enter an Out Of Office report?

Users of a project can notify the team about days that they will be out of office by clicking the link "Enter I will be away report".

Select the days you are taking off, explain the reason, and click the Submit report button.

How can I view the Activity report for a user?

Click on the Activity report hyperlink of the user to view the user report of the team member. 

How can I get email notifications about StandUp reports?

You can use the Email Notifications subtab in the Stream tool to control whether you receive instant notifications about StandUp reports, an hourly or daily summary, or no notifications at all.

If you have any questions or need assistance. Please email us at

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