If you're a space owner, you can change the appearance of your space by going to the Admin Tab and clicking on Appearance. If you're a portfolio manager, you can also apply custom CSS to the entire portfolio by visiting the Admin tab and clicking on Branding.

Space Appearance Settings

You can use CSS tags to customize the look of your Space. You can also upload a banner image, banner text, as well as a link for the banner to send users to.

Portfolio Appearance Settings

You can also use CSS tags to customize the look of your Portfolio. Additionally, you can create a custom domain name, enter your company name, and upload an image of your company logo.

Finally, you can also create a home page description and custom footer using HTML for your Portfolio.

CSS Tags

Set a color for the header background

.navigation,.portfolio-navigation {  background: #2E4B73;}

Set a color for the brand header background

#header.brand-header .header-custom-banner {  background: #455464;}

Set a text color for brand name

#header.brand-header .header-custom-banner a {  color: #DEDEDE;}

Set the text color for navigation items:

.navigation .nav-item a,.navigation .nav-item .nav-text {  color: #CCCCCC;}

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