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Removing Users from Account/Portfolio
Removing Users from Account/Portfolio
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Does your total user count not match the user count in your Spaces?

This problem is likely because you have removed a user from your spaces without deleting him from your Portfolio. Check the "Deleting a user from your account" section above for instructions on how to do this.

If you don't have a Portfolio plan, then confirm that you have removed the user from all of your spaces. For more information, check out Removing Users from Spaces.

Deleting a user from your account

Users can be deleted from your account from the Users page of the Portfolio. Simply check off the user(s) you would like to delete, scroll to the bottom of the screen, and select Remove from Portfolio. This will delete the user from the Portfolio and all Spaces within the Portfolio.

: Once a user is deleted from your Portfolio, all of their account information is deleted as well. They will not be able to be added to the space again without creating a new account.

What happens to an ex-team member's contributions once he/she has left the team?

When a team member is removed from the Team, his/her contributions, such as Tickets, Ticket Comments, Wiki pages, Repository Commits, etc. will remain untouched.

What happens to an ex-team member's contributions once his/her Assembla account is deleted?

When a team member's Assembla account is deleted, his/her contributions remain untouched.

Note: the author information will be lost as there is no account to point to.

I am a Portfolio Manager. What happens if I remove a team member from the Portfolio?

When a user is removed from the Portfolio, he/she will automatically be removed from all the spaces that are associated with this Portfolio. User contributions will remain untouched under this circumstance as well.

I am a payer of a space. What happens to my space(s) if I delete my Assembla account?

You cannot remove yourself from the space you are a payer of. Also, you cannot delete your Assembla account, you will have to contact support first and once your account is deleted, all of the spaces that you own will be automatically deleted along with it, as well as all of the data associated with the account (repos, spaces, tickets, etc.). Therefore, no other team members will be able to use the spaces if the payer account is deleted.

Note: Account deletion is irreversible. If you need your account to be deleted, but would like your spaces to remain, you must change payer first. Please contact us at

I am a Portfolio payer. What happens to my Portfolio and associated spaces if I delete my account?

If you request to delete the Assembla account that is a payer for the Portfolio, the Portfolio and associated spaces will be removed. Make sure to contact us at in order to change payer before removing such an account if you don't want your data to be lost.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please email us at

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