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Understand List Views and How to Use Them
Understand List Views and How to Use Them
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List view provides the most basic and customizable overview of your tickets. Let’s dig into it deeper and see what it suggests.

The first thing we actually see is the ticket list itself. 

Ticket color varies depending on its priority; tickets highlighted with red are the most important.

The star icon next to the ticket number indicates if you are following that ticket. If it is grey you are not following it. Yellow means you are a follower and orange is displayed if you are its assignee (which makes you a follower as well).

If you would like any column to be sorted alphabetically, just click its header (for instance, Summary).

Now we will look at the bar above the list in more detail:

The "Filter"dropdown on the left allows you to choose among Assembla predefined filters (you will have those by default), Personal filters (filters that you have made for your own purposes and decided not to share with the team), and Team filters (which are available for everyone in a team).

The Group by dropdown allows users to group the tickets by any ticket field - including custom fields.

The Bulk Changes dropdown allows users to edit multiple tickets at once.

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