Protected Directories adds Access Control List (ACL) to Subversion directories. ACL allows you to restrict directories so that only certain team members have write permission.

To protect a directory:

  1. Go to the Setting sub-tab on the SVN repository tab, then click the Protected Directories link on the left side. You must be an "Owner" on the project to view the Settings sub-tab
  2. Under Directory Path, enter the relative path to the directory, for example "trunk"
  3. Under Grant write permission to, type the usernames for the team members who will be allowed write permission. Other team members will be able to view the protected directory content.
  4. Finally click Protect Directory. Team members who are allowed access to the protected directory will see the directory marked with a green lock icon. Other team members will see it marked with a red lock icon.

To remove directory protection from a directory or to edit it, use the red delete icon and edit icon to the right of the protected directory entry.


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