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Adding Tags to your Assembla Tickets
Adding Tags to your Assembla Tickets
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Tagging your Assembla Tickets can allow for greater organization, especially when many different work streams or departments go through the same Assembla Space. 

There are several ways to add, edit, and customize the tags in your space, including specifying colors for your tags. However, only users with "Owner" role permissions can add and edit tags. If you have "Member" permissions in your space, you can propose new tags to add to the Tickets in your space, which can then be approved by any Space Owners from the Tags Settings under the Settings menu in your Tickets tool.

Customizing Tags from a Ticket

You can create and tags directly from the ticket you are currently working on, Simply navigate to your ticket (either in List view or Cardwall view) and either create a new tag or edit an existing tag by clicking the pencil icon that appears when you hover over the tag you want to change.

You can then edit the name of the tag and change the color that will appear anywhere that tag is specified in your project space (including Ticket interface itself as well as the Tickets Cardwall and List).

Customizing Tags from the Tags Settings

Besides editing tags in the actual Ticket view, you can also customize the tags available in your Assembla Space from the Tags Settings menu. Click on the "Settings" menu under your Tickets tool and select "Tags" from the side menu on the left.

From there, you can add, edit, or remove any existing Tags, as well as accept tags that have been proposed by "Members" of your space.

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