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Rename & Edit Space Names
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Renaming your space is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Watch our video or continue reading below to learn more.

1. Open your Space's Admin tab

2. Click on Appearances

3. Change your Space name

Can I rename my Space URL?

In short, yes you can! However, you can't rename a Space URL while a repository tool is installed.

To rename your URL, you must take a backup of the repository and remove the repository tools from your space. Go to Admin and then Tools to remove them. Then, follow the steps above and the URL name below the Space name will be editable. 

Finally, the repo tool can be readded from the same page it was deleted from and the dump can be imported to restore the repo. For more information on how to import dump info to your repository, check out our article on Migrating SVN Repositories to Assembla.

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