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How to Integrate Assembla with Zapier
How to Integrate Assembla with Zapier
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By utilizing Zapier, you can send updates from Assembla to other apps that you utilize everyday. Zaps allow you to automate routine actions that you use in your project management or development workflow. Use Zaps to integrate Assembla tickets and code repositories with over 1,500 apps like Slack, Google Calendar, and others.

Supported Assembla Zapier Triggers

The first step to creating a Zap is selecting a Trigger. Assembla supports the following triggers from the Assembla app to start your automation workflow:

  • New Merge Request - Triggers when a new merge request is created.

  • New Ticket - Triggers when a ticket is created.

  • New Ticket Change - Triggers when any change is made to a ticket.

  • New Code Comment - Triggers when a code comment is created.

  • New Git Commit - Triggers when a Git commit is created and pushed.

  • New Merge Request Review - Triggers when a merge request is commented on, up-voted, or down-voted.

  • New SVN Commit - Triggers when an SVN commit is created and pushed.

  • NEW! New Perforce Commit - Triggers when an P4 commit is created and pushed.

Supported Assembla Zapier Actions

Assembla currently does not support any actions based on other Zapier triggers or steps 😣. Want to see Assembla Zapier Actions? Start a chat with us below and let us know!

How to get started with Assembla + Zapier

1. Create a Zapier Account

You can create a free account at if you don’t already have a plan. 

2. Make a Zap

On the top right corner of your Zapier dashboard, click on the Make a Zap! button. From here, you can search for Assembla in Zapier’s app directory.


3. Select an Assembla Trigger

 There are seven different Assembla triggers you can choose from, such as new merge request or ticket updates. For this example, let’s select “SVN commit.”

4. Connect Zapier to your Assembla account & test your Trigger

Then connect Zapier to your Assembla account and send Zapier a sample by doing the action in Assembla based on the Trigger you selected in the previous step (i.e. create a new Merge Request, create a New Ticket, etc.).

5. Choose your Action Step(s)  

Once you’ve selected your trigger, you can choose an application to send updates to. For this example, we will select Zendesk. You can inform your admins when code related to a customer ticket is updated by a developer.

In addition to 1,000+ 3rd-party apps, Zapier also includes a number of native utility apps like Filters, Paths, Formatter, Code, Delay, and others that allow you to create logic-based workflows and manipulate inputs to different formats/outputs as needed! In this example, we’ll want to filter the incoming SVN commit and ensure it's coming from a specific developer - John Kowalski!

Now you have a fantastic developer to admin workflow setup in less than 5 minutes!

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