Using Server-Side Hooks in Git
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You can install server-side hooks from your Git repository's Settings sub-tab and then opening the Server-Side Hooks page from the left side of the screen. We already have some hooks that you can install and view their code sources as well. 

The normal workflow is as follows:

  1. Install: If you want to install a new hook just click on the Install button to the left of the hook

  2. Follow the instructions: The instructions are not the same for all the hooks.

  3. Remove: If you want to remove an installed hook you can click on the Remove button that will replace the Install button

  4. Install more hooks: You can install more hooks if you want. Just click on the Install a New Hook link

If you don't like our hooks, or if you want to use your own hook in Assembla, you can propose your hook by clicking on the Propose Your Hook button at the bottom of the page and follow the instructions.

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