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Utilizing "Velocity" Reporting
Utilizing "Velocity" Reporting
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The Tickets tool has a reporting UI under the Metrics subtab. The Metrics page has a list of reports with a picture and an explanation of what each report shows you. The reports are designed to fit your development process, so that every report has a purpose. One such report is the Velocity report.

The Velocity metrics report shows a measure of the tickets that you closed recently. It displays the estimated value completed in a rolling 5 week interval (including the current week). It is calculated based on the the Total Estimate field that you have selected via the Estimation option in the Ticket > Settings > Ticket Fields page (<your project name>/tickets/settings/ticket-fields)

With the Velocity metrics report, you will be able to monitor the performance and speed of your project from week to week. It can display the total number of Points (if you have set Show Point estimates in Tickets Settings) or total number of Hours (if you have set Show time estimates (hours) in Tickets Settings) closed in the rolling 5 week interval.

Note: the 5 week duration is by design; it is a static number and cannot be changed.


Why is the Velocity Metrics report important?

You can use this chart to see variations in the velocity of your project each week. Every bar on the Velocity Metrics report represents the total number of estimated points or hours (of tickets) closed in that week. The "recently closed tickets" list answers questions about what you have been doing, and gives you a place to check on tasks that have disappeared from the Current list.

How can I see the list of tickets closed in the past week?

Open the Velocity Metrics report and select a Milestone in your project. Then click on the green bar chart or the total estimate points/hours link on top of the bar of the past week. This will open up the ticket list closed in that week.

What is the purpose of the Milestone selector in the Velocity Metrics page?

The Milestone selector is a drop down feature that allows you to select a milestone. Selecting a milestone will display the Velocity chart for the last 5 weeks (including the current week) of the selected milestone. By default, Current milestone is selected.

What is the purpose of the Timezone selector in the Velocity Metrics page?

The Timezone selector is a drop down feature that allows you to select UTC or another Timezone. The Metrics report respects the timezone of a user's account. By default, your local timezone is selected.


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