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Managing your Space's Team
Managing your Space's Team
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Assembla's Team tool allows Project Managers to add members to the team and control user permissions to collaborate with other project teams. In other words, the Team tool is primarily used to -

  •  Add new team members

  •  Promote or demote user permissions of team members

  •  Invite other teams to collaborate with your projects


How can I get the Team tool in my space?

The Team tool is built into your space. However, if you do not see the Team tab in your space, you can easily add the tool via the Admin > Tools page. Only a user with Owner permission can add the Team tool.

How can I invite a new team member in my Space who does not have an account with Assembla?

Open the Team tab of your space. Then enter the e-mail address, choose a role and enter a message (optional). Finally, click on the 'INVITE' Button.

Upon clicking the INVITE button, the user will be added to your space team, and will also receive an email alert to accept the invitation. When the user accepts the invitation via the email alert, he/she will be taken to the sign-up page to create an Assembla account. After signing up, the user is taken to the Assembla Start page where he/she can see the space he/she has been invited to.

How can I invite people from other teams?

Open the Team tab of your space and click on the link 'Invite people from other teams.' Then select the users from other teams and click on the 'Invite Selected' button. They will be added to your space team and will also receive an email alert to accept the invitation.

What happens when I invite someone to the team?

When you create a space, you can invite new team members via the Team tab. We send them an invitation email message with your name on it. If they do not click through and register, we send them one reminder after 4 days, and another reminder after 7 days. They can decline the invitation and be deleted, or they will be deleted after 14 days without a response.

How can I view the profile of a team member?

Only users with Owner permissions can view the profile of a team member. Simply click on the team member. This will open a popup with a link to the user's profile. Click on the profile link to view the team member's profile.

How can I give other teams access to my space?

You can give access to other teams from your portfolio. This can be done via the Share link on the Team tool of the space. The Share link is only available if the space is under a PORTFOLIO. Open the Team tab of your space and click on the Share link. 

You can use this page to give other teams access to your space. Enter the name of the space you want to give access to and click the Search button. Click on the green plus icon of the project name from the resulting list. 

Finally select the permission type and click on the "Add" button. The permission will be saved and the project name will finally show up under the list of teams that have Shared access.

You can also edit the permissions of the team. The permission type are:

  • Controlled (Owner, Member, or Watcher): Every person in the team will get the specific role that you choose. For example, "Watcher" would be ideal to share your project with customers or partner groups.

  • Delegated: This will carry over the roles each user has in the delegated project (owner, member, watcher). This is convenient if you are setting up sub-projects that will have the same team and management structure as a top space.

Note: For performance reasons, this is currently limited to one level of sharing.

How can I remove shared access from another team in my space?

Click the red minus icon next to the space name to removed shared association with your space.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please email us at

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