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User Roles: Access and Abilities
User Roles: Access and Abilities
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Space Roles

Owner & Payer
Users with owner & payer roles have complete power, including but not limited to:

  • Add/remove tools.

  • Set permissions for team members/watchers/non-members.

  • Invite/Promote/Demote users.

  • Create new projects.

  • Take ownership of other projects.

  • Manage billing cycles and pay invoices (payers only).

  • Upgrade/downgrade plans (payers only).

Users with the "owner" role by default have the ability to edit/update all team member/watcher permissions. They can add/remove tools, invite/promote/demote team members. Furthermore, they have the ability to create new projects/delete existing projects. They can take ownership of other projects.

Team Member
People who have work to do in the space. These users are also called contributors. They can edit most aspects, but they don't have the power to delete projects. They can add/remove tools only if they have "ALL" permissions.

These people are clients, investors, or other people who want to see your work. They can submit tickets for bug fixes or feature requests (if they have edit permissions).

Members of the Assembla community who have accounts, but aren't part of your project. Users with owner permissions have ability to set permissions for non-members. These users are also known as public watchers in public projects.

Portfolio Roles

They have access to all spaces and information. They can also invite other users and update their roles.

They are members/owners of your spaces. They can't invite users to a portfolio, however, they can see some reports about their space tickets, activities, and users in the portfolio and the defined access to each space you invited them to in the portfolio.

They will see a start page listing the spaces and activities that they are working on with you and the defined access to each space you invited them to in the portfolio.

For more information on how to adjust the permission settings for each type of role on your team, check out Update Space & Tool Security Settings

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