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Display External Web Pages using Custom Tab
Display External Web Pages using Custom Tab
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Custom tabs are used to display external Web pages in an Assembla project. You can add a tab that opens an external website such as your company Intranet, a public forum, or any website to an Assembla project's tabs toolbar.


The tab can be configured to open the URL in a new window or in an IFRAME inside your Assembla space view. You can create an unlimited number of custom tabs in a space.

Adding a Custom Tab

To add a custom tab:

  • Go to the Admin tab ➜ Tools, then under the Other tools section, click Add or Add Another next to Custom tab.

 A new tab will be added to the tabs toolbar.

Open the Custom Tab and click the green Configure Your Custom Tab button to set it up.

  • In the Settings page use the Open in a new window check box to specify whether the URL should be opened in a new browser tab or in an IFRAME inside the tool tab.Note: For IFRAME to work the URL must be an https URL. For http URLs, turn on the option "Open in a new window".

  • Enter the URL for the external website in the URL field. You can use variables in the URL field. Available variables are::space_name: This is the project name:current_user: This is the username of the team member viewing the custom tabFor example, if the URL you enter for your custom tab is:http://mydomain/:space_name/:current_userThen if the tab is in a space named "assembla-project" and being viewed by a team member with the username "andy", the URL that would be used to display the contents of the tab would be:http://mydomain/assembla-project/andy

  • In the Tab name field, give the new custom tab a friendly descriptive name that will appear in the tabs list.


By default, the icon shown for the tab will be the Favicon for that URL. In the Icon setting, you can specify a different icon URL or choose to use no icon for the tab.


When done, click the Update Tab Settings button. The new custom tab is now visible to all team members and ready for use.


At any time, you can open the custom tab settings page from the Admin tab ➜ Tools ➜ click the Settings link next to the Custom Tab name.

How can I hide a custom tab so Watchers can not see it?

You can do that from the Admin tab ➜ Security Advanced Security Options by setting Watchers access permission on the specific custom tab to "None"


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