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Q. What is an Assembla Space?

An Assembla "Space" is a collaboration workspace for your team. The space is a house for all your code, files, tickets, and conversations. Many companies have multiple projects and will create a space for each project. Others, create a milestone per project  Assembla offers a set of default tools but you can add more tools for free in the Admin Tools page. Simply, go to the Admin Section of your space and click on Tools.

Q. How do I control email notifications?

Assembla provides a powerful feature to configure email alerts that are triggered based on each member’s saved settings. These alerts help customers stay updated about their team's activity. You can easily control your email notifications either from page or Stream > Email Notifications subtab within each space.

Update email notification settings  from /user/edit/email_notification

  • Go to profile > Email Notification Settings page

  • Expand Portfolio and/or space view

  • Modify the frequency as desired

  • Click on ‘Save’ button

Update email notification settings  from Stream > Email Notifications

  • Click the Stream tab

  • Click the Email Notifications subtab.

  • Uncheck tools and/or modify the frequency as desired

  • Click the Update Settings button.

Q. How do I delete a space?

An Owner of the Space can go to the Admin tab in the space, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click the "Delete this Space" button, a dialog box will appear, enter the space URL name and click on the button "Delete this project and all the information it".

Q. What are View, Edit, and All permissions?

A user  access is categorized into three levels (View, Edit, All) in Assembla.

  • View is the lowest permission level. It allows users to only see the tools that they have permission to watch. The permissions are set by the owner of the space.

  • Edit permission allows  users  to  edit and create tickets, post comments and create/update Messages and Wiki pages and make commits to your repository.

  • Owner is the most powerful role in a space with "All" permission, it  allows owners  to add/remove tools and change team member lists. 

The two most common permission settings are:

  • For a public space: Non-member access = View & Team = Edit

  • For a private project: Non-member access = None & Team=Edit

Q. How do backups work?

We have some options to backup your data:

  1. Space: There are 2 options to backup your space and both are under Admin > Backup and Data Export.

  2. Amazon S3 bucket: It allows you to setup automated daily backups to your Amazon S3 account. You will need an amazon account. This option includes all your space data.

  3. Manual: It is free and you can have all your data in JSON format except your repositories.

  4. Tickets: You can backup your tickets in JSON format. For more information read this article.

  5. SVN: You can dump your SVN repository directly from Assembla. For more information read this article.

You can restore your ticket backup and your SVN dump file from the same tools. However, if you want to restore an space, you will need to contact us via email to

Q. How do I add/remove tools from my Space?

Go to Admin > Tools, find your tool in the Tools tab, and click on "Add this tool." Likewise, for installed tools, there is a button called 'Delete' to remove a tool from a Space.

Q. I accidentally deleted my tool. Can I get the data back?

Restoration is possible for tools that were deleted within 3 weeks. Our fee to restore deleted tools within these weeks is $75.00 per half-hour of work required.

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