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The Stream is your hub to see what is going on within your project. It displays logged events from the space in chronological order, showing the date and time, author, tool, and action that took place.

You can configure personal email notifications on certain Stream events from the Email Notifications tab within the Stream tool. Also, you can view Streams in an RSS Feed reader.

The Stream only displays logged events that happened in the past 60 days.

Filtering Stream events

The Filter sidebar on the right is used to filter Stream events by date, event source, and/or user.

Filtering events by date

To view events that occurred in a certain period of time:

  1. Enter the ending date in the Show Events From box in the format yyyy-mm-dd or use the calendar icon to pick a data

  2. Then enter the numbers of days going back from this date in the Going Back field below

  3. Optionally, you ca specify other filtering criteria such as the tools or user

  4. Finally click Filter Events

Filtering events by tool

If you want to see events from a certain tool click the Get link next to the tool name from the list in the Filter bar on the right. To pick multiple tools use the check boxes.

Filtering events by user

To filter events by user, pick the user from the Filter By User drop down menu.
You can pick only one user at a time

Receiving email notifications for project events

You can receive email alerts on project events. By default email alerts are turned off for most events. You change this and configure your personal email alert settings from the Notifications tab within the Stream tool.

Owners can set the default email notification settings in the project's Admin tab under Email Alert Settings. These settings will apply to new team members added to the project. However, user personal settings made in the Stream tool will override the Admin tab's Email Alert Settings.

Notification event sources

Emails notifications can be configured for these events:

  • Messages tool

  • Stand Up Reports tool

  • Code Commits

  • Tickets tool

  • Code Comments

  • Files tool

  • Wiki tool

  • Team tool

  • SVN diffs (The diff output between the last 2 revisions when a commit is made to an SVN repository)

  • SSH tool actions

  • FTP Deploy events

  • Tool (When events related to tools happen, such as addition or deletion of tools to the project)

  • Git push events

  • lower (Events happening in tickets you are following. By default you are a follower on tickets assigned to you. You would usually turn off email notifications for Tickets tools and turn on notifications for Follower, this way you get notified only on relevant tickets).

  • Mentions (Notifications are sent out when you are mentioned or your group is mentioned in any of the project components. More information on mentioning groups here).

Note that in your Stream tab you will only see sources for tools already installed in the project.

Notification Frequency

The notification frequency can be any of the following:

  • Never (Turns off email notification for this event source)

  • When an event happens

  • An hourly summary

  • A daily Summary

  • A weekly summary

For hourly, daily, and weekly summary frequencies, if no event happens during the interval no email is sent out.

The default email notification frequency is "Never" for all events except for Follower and Mentions.

Additional notification configurations

  • You can explicitly opt out of receiving emails for bang mentions by removing the check mark from Receive emails for bang mentions. More information on bang mentions here.

  • By default you would not receive email notification for your own changes, you can change that by removing the check mark from Avoid my own changes

Using in-Stream Text Messages

Project team members can insert a text messages in the Stream using the text field on the top to communicate with other members. This message will be visible in the Stream to all project members. This feature is only available in Pro/Private projects.

Getting RSS feed of Stream events

Many of our users prefer to use the RSS feed to see Stream events. The RSS Feed link URL for the Stream of any project is shown on the right, below the Filter sidebar. The URL is in the format:
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