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Email notifications are an excellent way for users to stay on top of changes in a space. Configuring email notifications involves specifying the events from which you wish to receive alerts and at what frequency.

Topics covered in this article:

  • Configuring a default email notification policy for a space

  • Configuring a personal email notification policy for a user

  • Notification event sources

  • Additional Notification Settings

Configuring a space default email notification policy

By default, email notifications are turned off for all space events except for the "Follower" event (events are described here). Users with the Owner role in a space can create a different default email notification policy that will be applied to new users added to the space.

Configure a default email notification policy for a space before adding members to the space

The default notification policy for a space is configured from the Admin tab -> Email Alerts Settings

Configuring personal email notification policy for a user

Users can define a personal notification policy for spaces in which they are members. Their personal notification choices will override the inherited default space notification policy.

Users can configure personal email notification policies from the Profile page by going to Email Notification Settings section

Users can also configure a personal policy for a space from the Notifications tab within the space's Stream tool.

Notification event sources

In the Notification Settings page and on the Stream you will only see sources for tools already installed in the space. Also, you will only see tools on which you have at least "View" permission.

Notification Frequency

The notification frequency can be any of the following:

  • Never (turns off email notification for this event source)

  • When an event happens

  • An hourly summary

  • A daily summary

  • A weekly summary

For hourly, daily, and weekly summary frequencies: if no event happens during the interval, no email is sent out.The default email notification frequency is "Never" except for the Follower event.

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